• 2021

    Omexom, VINCI Energies’ brand for Infrastructures, reaches Portugal, taking over the activities of Sotécnica in the areas of Transmission, Substations, Distribution and Renewable Energies.

  • 2019

    Installation of a Solar Carport to produce energy for own consumption at the headquarters of Tabaqueira (Philip Morris International), in Sintra (Portugal), with 945 kW of installed power.

  • 2018

    Installation of 202 charging stations, from north to south of Portugal, for Mobi.e, an electric mobility network.

  • 2015

    Contract renewal (2015-2022) – Construction, expansion or revamping of several Substations and Switch Stations – Electrical assembly for EDP Distribuição.

  • 2015

    Contract renewal (2015-2022) – Construction and maintenance of HV, MV and LV electricity distribution networks for EDP Distribuição

  • 2015

    Participation in the uprating and remodeling of the Mavuzi and Chicamba Hydroelectric Plants (Chimoio, Mozambique), for EDM – Electricidade de Moçambique.

  • 2014

    Construction of several 60 kV Substations in Angola.

  • 2014

    New international project, for ENE – Empresa Nacional de Electricida de Angola, for the construction of the Gabela – Quileva transmission line, at 220 kV.

  • 2013

    Participation in the construction consortium of ENEOP – Eólicas de Portugal, with 1.2 GW of installed capacity in wind farms.

  • 2013

    Framework agreement for the construction, repair and maintenance of HV, MV and LV Distribution Networks for EDP, at the operational areas of Évora and Beja.

  • 2013

    Expansion of the Transmission activity for overhead lines up to 400 kV.

  • 2010

    The beginning of the Medium Voltage cable testing activity.

  • 2005

    Sotécnica joins VINCI Energies, an international group dedicated to the digital transformation and the energy transition.

  • 2004

    Contract for the construiction of the Lagoa Substation, in Azores, for EDA – Electricidade dos Açores.

  • 2003

    Installation of the Ribatejo Switch Station (40 kV) for REN.

  • 1993

    Participation in the construction of the Pego Thermoelectric Power Station, a reference project awarded by EDP – Electricidade de Portugal.

  • 1982

    The beginning of the Transmission activity, through overhead lines.

  • 1980

    Sotécnica’s first international project, in the ​​Substations area, carried out at CIMPOR’s Substation in Matola (Mozambique).

  • 1978

    Participation in the construction of the Fernão Ferro Substation (220 kV), a reference project carried out for the former CPE – Companhia Portuguesa de Electricidade (currently REN – Rede Eléctrica Nacional).

  • 1974

    Start of the High Voltage activity at Sotecnica, with the execution of a project for Companhias Reunidas de Gás e Electricidade (CRGE), at the Substations of Vale do Tejo, Alcoitão and Sabugo.

  • 1951

    Sotécnica was founded, in Lisbon, by Eng. Octávio Sengo dos Santos and Eng. Bernardo de Sousa and Holstein Beck.